Photo © Jake Clennell

Photo © Jake Clennell

Why Iyengar Yoga?

Yoga That is Fun, Dynamic, Challenging but Safe

  1. During a class we usually cover a range of poses (or asanas) and sometimes variations of the same pose. 

  2. Classes begin and end quietly, so students can walk out feeling invigorated, but relaxed.

  3. Yoga requires us to be attentive and develops our ability to be mindful.

  4. Yoga classes sometimes require strong physical exercise - but this is always geared to the student's level of experience and ability.

  5. Poses are done in a way that will not cause injury. Students are given alternatives if certain poses are not suitable. And over time, through the practice of yoga, we learn how to modify poses with props or variations according to our needs.

  6. We look to ensure the poses are done safely, while also exploring our limits - in this way we can find out something new about ourselves and our bodies.

  7. Some classes are as short as 60 minutes, with the opportunity to do more than one class per week. This way, yoga becomes a regular part of our lives and facilitates the development of our practice. 

  8. In class, students can learn by hearing instructions and seeing demonstrations. Students may also benefit from receiving adjustments while in a pose.


Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, health status, current fitness and flexibility. Props are used in the Iyengar style of yoga to help us find proper alignment and practice safely. Props assist us to get into poses and can be used to support us in restorative poses. 

Teaching Style

We all learn in different ways. So the Iyengar style of yoga employs a variety of techniques: 

  1. Demonstration - you may be asked to watch the teacher or another student do a pose.

  2. Instruction - you may hear verbal instructions from the teacher.

  3. Adjustment - the teacher may give adjustments to assist students in a pose.

Each of these methods can aid the learning process and students may experience one or all of these methods of teaching in class.

Look for classes that say IYENGAR YOGA!

All Iyengar Yoga classes are taught by Lisa Waas, Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) Intermediate Junior I